Monday, 27 April 2009


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have certainly blitzed me with their newest album. An already devoted fan, I didn't think it was possible to love them anymore. I haven't felt like this since Cadbury's reintroduced the Wispa bar.
Now, I have an unfortunate habit of rarely listening to new music. Instead I seem to rotate my favourite collection, occasionally overplaying certain golden oldies. Though there are only so many times I can have female harmonies blasting on repeat. And so my recent mission has been to find a new band to sway my interests.

I thought my best bet would be to ask opinions of others and to search for popular tracks. Simple, no? The beauty of Spotify lead me to find an oasis of Metric and Tegan & Sara tunes that I'd not already come across. More female vocals. I just can't keep away.
And so you can imagine my excitement when I hear the new YYYs album and it's like a completely new band, but not quite. For those of you that just think YYYs are a trio with a screamy front lass, you will be enlightened. I actually liked them for their edgy rock 'n' roll screeches. But since I found out Karen O had a voice too beautiful for words, I just can't get enough. If I had to recommend a song it would be Hysteric. Or Runaway. Oh, it's just one of those albums where you find yourself liking every track. Which can't be bad. Besides, if you don't believe me, try arguing with hundreds of Facebook statuses proclaiming the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is "proper good."

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