Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sorry sorry sorry :(

Sorry I haven't written a post in so long!
I have been doing many exciting things such as visiting Paris and writing poetry.
I've also been applying for NCTJ MA Journalism courses in the last few months and really looking forward to next year if my applications are successful.
So watch this space :)
In the meantime, have a gander at our university newspaper The Ripple, I
believe I am in the fashion section in this issue.

Soon hoping to divert my love of food and writing to a new blog Emily's Reviews and Reviews

Lots of love x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


After hopping on and off the Hong Kong Metro, dodging colourful taxis and bustling rickshaw sales, I recently explored the beautiful Kowloon Bay, situated opposite Hong Kong Island. I was welcomed by one of the hundreds of sky-scraping hotels, where the lack of a beach was made up for by the astounding view of Hong Kong’s illuminated skyline. What’s more, the hotel had a roof top pool – not recommended for the faint hearted.

So on our first day we decided to head to a Dim Sum restaurant for some traditional Chinese cuisine.
With chop sticks and baskets flying past me, I was astounded at the
speed in which the waiting staff laid the tables. The bustling atmosphere hosted local families, Hong Kong students and even elderly residents having their daily catch up. Lost in translation, we ordered a selection from the endless list of dumplings, rolls, tarts and snacks. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I ate at that meal, but I cleared my plate even quicker than the staff could clear the next table. And certainly better than the congee (otherwise known as seafood porridge) which I was served on the plane.

A must for anyone Hong Kong bound is to visit the Buddha of Ngong Ping, located at Tung Chung on Lantau Island. This involves boarding the incredibly high “Ngong Ping 360,” another pursuit to test your vertigo. And so you soar up into the mountains in what effectively is a cable car – think helicopter camera angles on the Hong Kong scene in The Dark Knight.

Once in the village, there are a few quaint, little shops and tea houses which surround the Buddha itself. And of course, many Buddha related gifts to buy. Though there’s no mistake that this part isn’t at all garishly commercial. Instead I found myself tea tasting in a little house with hundreds of drawers of tea. My only complaint is that the tea came in a cup smaller than the average shot glass.

In terms of other days out, I was advised not to bother visiting the Disney Land there. Wait, Hong Kong has a Disney Land? My point exactly. Though I was told there was a Hello Kitty land and sadly had trouble finding it. Luckily, every other shop had enough Hello Kitty memorabilia to keep me going. There is also a light show across the Hong Kong Island skyline every evening. However, the vibrant beams coming from the buildings were breathtaking in their own right.

Being a bit of a self confessed beach bum, I still cannot believe I had such an incredible time and didn’t even step foot on a grain of sand. Oh and the garlic bread flavour crisps were pretty good too.

Friday, 22 May 2009


Imagine going to a “Fight Like Apes” gig not knowing who they are? The name suggests a sort of “all-male, possibly scary and a little bit indie” type band. And maybe starring the drumming gorilla from the Dairy Milk advert. But actually, I was pleasantly surprised to experience a truly original, gritty, Irish rock band with mind-blowing female vocals. Almost Ireland’s answer to the The Von Bondies. The small venue made for an intimate gig, which really suited the band’s friendly stage presence. From the off, the entire crowd was won over by their Irish charm and charisma (almost) bigger than the lead singer’s hair. The band members were not afraid to have a bit of fun either, as they pointed out a lad they thought had “stylish moves” and got him on stage. Though this chit chat didn’t distract the band from producing tight drumming, cheeky synths and edgy basslines. Not to mention, exceptional timing. I also really admired the lead vocalist, Maykay, who had a stunning singing voice when she wanted, yet could also “shout in tune” too. For want of a better description, she is almost like the rebel Corrs sister who got away. With the atmosphere buzzing like a hive and not even a queue at the bar, it is no surprise that this band swiped a Best Live Performance award in 2007. One man even got so excited he stage dived and lost the lenses from his glasses. In all, this gig was pretty much like a crate of Red Bull after a highly intensive caffeine free diet. The band was vigorously energetic yet relentlessly engaging and I would not hesitate to see them live again. Even if I was a little confused by the lyric “you're like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but without the taste...”

Monday, 27 April 2009


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have certainly blitzed me with their newest album. An already devoted fan, I didn't think it was possible to love them anymore. I haven't felt like this since Cadbury's reintroduced the Wispa bar.
Now, I have an unfortunate habit of rarely listening to new music. Instead I seem to rotate my favourite collection, occasionally overplaying certain golden oldies. Though there are only so many times I can have female harmonies blasting on repeat. And so my recent mission has been to find a new band to sway my interests.

I thought my best bet would be to ask opinions of others and to search for popular tracks. Simple, no? The beauty of Spotify lead me to find an oasis of Metric and Tegan & Sara tunes that I'd not already come across. More female vocals. I just can't keep away.
And so you can imagine my excitement when I hear the new YYYs album and it's like a completely new band, but not quite. For those of you that just think YYYs are a trio with a screamy front lass, you will be enlightened. I actually liked them for their edgy rock 'n' roll screeches. But since I found out Karen O had a voice too beautiful for words, I just can't get enough. If I had to recommend a song it would be Hysteric. Or Runaway. Oh, it's just one of those albums where you find yourself liking every track. Which can't be bad. Besides, if you don't believe me, try arguing with hundreds of Facebook statuses proclaiming the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is "proper good."

Friday, 17 April 2009


Think pink. Or perhaps coral. Apparantly the first recorded use of the word "coral" in English was in 1513. And I'm pretty sure Henry VIII never rocked the coral look. Though it seems here in Spring/Summer 2009 you can't get away from it.
I have never been a girly girl at the best of times but recently have these compelling urges to buy floral summer dresses and feminine colours. Though I don't know if this is a combination of having to feed my appetite for shopping and being bored of buying classic colours. And you can only have so many black and navy cardigans, apparently. So in order to control my retail desires I have turned to the colour pink. Well not exactly fluffy, baby pink. But still the unknown.
Now, I know that I'm pretty behind and this whole coral thing has been in fashion for months. To be honest I've known it's been about for a while now. I think I was just putting my blinkers on and holding back. But today I fell into H&M and I decided it was time to sort myself out. Plus with the sun starting to peep through, I'm just really in the mood to wear massive sunglasses and an outfit that looks like confectionary.
I came out with a long, baggy, nineties mum t-shirt type thing. Which I thought might look quite good with skinnies and maybe something grey.I'm afraid I'm still taking baby steps at the moment and quite not ready for the whole colour blocking thing. Especially with something daring like lime green. Well, perhaps I will go for a coral and grey colour blocking look. Just dip my toes in the water.
It seems nude shades are coming in too. Though I'm not quite ready for that either. Although I quite like the idea that from a distance you might look naked. Maybe you could actually go out naked and save a lot of money. Well I suppose the weather is heating up.
Oh la la.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Teenage Kicks?

I have always been a fan of Skins. Well, having said that I'm not sure if I could be considered a fan. I think I might just watch it out of curiosity, or to sort of check that it's demonstrating an accurate illustration of teenage life. Though recently, I just cannot get over how increasingly ridiculous the Skins storylines are getting.
So yeah, lots of parties, drugs, romance and general fun is acceptable. But when a random guy from Congo turns up to have a chilli eating showdown with a local gangster (who incidentally sounds like a farmer), I am not convinced. I thought this programme was supposed to be realistic? And I was under the impression it was written, produced and cast by teenagers themselves.
Then again, I did think that the Skins writers were running out of ideas at the end of the first series. It's not every day a lad is knocked over by a bus, and then miraculously gets up, dusts himself off and starts singing Cat Stevens' "Wild World" with his friends. And when they went on a trip to Russia and narrowly escaped death from a psychotic lumberjack, I did begin to have my doubts.
At least that posh idiot Abigail isn't still in it. Are there really people out there that pronounce the word friends as though it has about six vowels? And I'm also quite glad Tony isn't in it anymore, solely down to the fact that every time I look at him I think of his once very chubby face following Hugh Grant around in About A Boy.
Then again, Effy's character is beginning to grate on me this series too. I just wish she was still beautifully mysterious like in the older episodes. Though I'm sorry to say, the ones where she didn't talk.
I know what you're thinking. Why don't I just shut up moaning about it and avert my eyes, ears and whatever other senses if I happen to walk past the TV when it's on? But no. Don't get me wrong, I genuinely loved some episodes. Such as the scenes where Cassie is running through the streets New York, or the death of Sid's dad. Those were truly moving. And I sort of like the thought that I might get so involved in a programme that I feel the urge to cry. It seems I liked Skins for toying with my emotions, rather than my patience.
The more I think about it, the more I realise that maybe I still watch Skins because I'm hoping we see some "lump in your throat" type storylines like before. Though I think these may be sadly exhausted. And with the new, irritating cast churning out these ludicrous plotlines, I remain unconvinced.
Though I will continue to spend an hour every Thursday waiting in hope. We'll see.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Colossal disaster.

I feel the need to express just how rubbish the new Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara is. Perhaps on paper this mascara does have potential. It comes in the sexy shade "Glam Black" with a fat brush applicator and apparently even contains collagen. This alone sounds like the making of some kind of ultimate super mascara.
But actually, this combination delivers nothing more than a clumpy mess. And that's if you can even manage to apply it without poking yourself in the eye with the proper massive brush. It's also occured to me that even if the mascara was any good, there probably isn't much in the tube anyway due to how big the applicator is. Disappointment.
I'd give it maybe 1/10 just because I love the bright yellow and purple design. Fooled by advertising and pretty packaging yet again, Emily. Oh dear.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Say no to snow!

Well, what can I say? The initial excitement of the snowfall most definitely melted long before the snow did. Okay so it's not like it's been the North Pole, but I really have felt the effects of this recent change of weather. And seeing as it's been said to be the worst snow in thirty years, it couldn't possibly go unnoticed.
First off, being an English student, my scientific knowledge is admittedly rather rusty. But still, it continues to bemuse me how the tiniest, gentle flakes can mound up to become such thick layers of snow. I could hardly leave my house for the snowdrift on my doorstep. And as I practically drive a toy car, I found it hard to even find my teeny motor without mistaking it for a snowball. Further to this, upon eventually finding my car, I was honestly too scared to drive.
Even worse, in terms of the potential fun factor of snow, it seems I’m at an unfortunate “in between” stage. This being that I am probably too old to enjoy the snow like a little kid, yet don’t have children of my own to take out and teach how to use a sledge. Being at university, I also don’t get to enjoy the benefit of those magnificent, and somewhat precious, “snow days.” Sadly, I found myself confined to my house, only excited at the prospect that the snow might begin to thaw.
And when I did decide to brave the weather conditions, I found myself dodging the crossfire of various pesky snowball fights. People just really need to learn some kind of snowball etiquette. In fact, no word of a lie, a random idiot actually walked past me and kindly deposited a lovely lump of snow in the collar of my jacket. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is potentially the worst place to be snowballed. Unfortunately, I was far too mortified to react; only managing to blurt out a few swear words and give an
cold, icy stare. Please excuse the pun.
If this wasn’t humiliating enough, I managed to slip over on the ice on a number of occasions. Once even managing to fall right on my derrière in a rather (not so) elegant fashion. It has to be said, if there’s one thing worse than snow, it’s the ice that follows. Though it does amuse me how people warily tiptoe around appearing to be irrationally petrified of the pavement.
Such a typical British attitude really. Always complaining about the weather. I'm totally freezing, yet I can already feel the heat coming from my August blog, in which I will probably proceed to grumble about the slightest temperature rise.
On the up side, at least now I have a reason to wear my wellies, which I impulsively bought on a midnight trip to 24 hour Asda in my first year. I have been contemplating a use for them ever since. Seeing as I don't happen to own any ice skates, these bright red, blue and green beauties are my best bet. And it appears that in the fashion world, outlandish wellies are allowed to clash with your outfit. Score.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Uggly vs. Snuggly.

Now, I don't know if it was because of being down under that I went a little topsy-turvy, but whilst out in Australia I made a unlikely purchase. It seems that I have in fact succumbed to the world of Uggs. Or should I say, "uGgs".
The truth is, they are just so comfy. (And might I add, so much cheaper in Aus, or even from an Aus website). It feels like your feet are being given a nice hot cup of sugary tea and a cuddle. Since putting my feet in the delightfully soft sheepskin, I have had to put my metaphorical tail between my legs and leave the anti-Ugg Facebook group I was once so proud to be in.
Made first known to me by the awful Big Brother 8 Charley Uchea, I recall chuckling as a fellow housemate poured water in her posh pair. Though at the time, I wasn't quite sure what she was ranting on about. So, as my first encounter with Uggs was hearing a grown women ranting like a spoilt brat about her newly soggy boots, you can imagine I was hardly an immediate fan. Furthermore, I cannot stand the floppy haired, yah yah, sports team hoody wearers who have brought such a stigma to these snuggly new companions of mine. Maybe I'm just jealous at how those girls get their hair to look so effortlessly and yet stylishly messy. Sigh.
Anyway. If you are also put off by the look portrayed by Uggs, then I recommend never trying a pair on. You will be the new Jekyll and Hyde of the shoe world as you transform into a raging Ugg fan before you even take your first steps. This said, if you do decide to take a trip on the Ugg side, please do buy actual real Uggs. It is just so sad how with fake uggs, after a month or so, the soles collapse and you see people walking about like John Wayne.
I have to admit I am not keen on the most popular classic design of Uggs. I decided to go for an “oatmeal” pair of the Granddad cardigan type material, rather than the traditional, standard tan. I just wasn’t ready to go all the way. Though actually I think they are much prettier; which is very important considering my UK 7 feet. (Which might I add made me even more horrified to have to buy a AUS size 8.5). The fold-and-button-down part of the cardigan Uggs seems to divert your attention from the somewhat over-chunkiness found in the other designs. It appears that there is such a fine line between them being cute and cosy, or looking rather clumsy and stocky.
However, it has to be said that they are just so versitile and simple too. No laces or buckles to fiddle around with on the morning of a 9am lecture, just snuggle in and go. And in the long winter months, which appear to be the majority of the English year, my feet are kept lovely and warm. Even more reason to catch the Ugg bug.
Furthermore, I am told that Uggs are made to keep your feet warm in cold and cool in the heat. So I think that I have an excuse to go on holiday, just to try them out. Just not sure where to find a matching sheepskin bikini.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Feliz Año Nuevo, Kung Hé Fat Tsoi and Happy New Year.

One of my New Year's Resolutions - amongst not biting my nails, eating more healthily and drinking less - is to start writing a blog.

And so here I begin my blog, incidentally nursing my rather sore and nibbled finger nails.
Or rather, lack of.

"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning." - T.S. Eliot.