Tuesday, 7 July 2009


After hopping on and off the Hong Kong Metro, dodging colourful taxis and bustling rickshaw sales, I recently explored the beautiful Kowloon Bay, situated opposite Hong Kong Island. I was welcomed by one of the hundreds of sky-scraping hotels, where the lack of a beach was made up for by the astounding view of Hong Kong’s illuminated skyline. What’s more, the hotel had a roof top pool – not recommended for the faint hearted.

So on our first day we decided to head to a Dim Sum restaurant for some traditional Chinese cuisine.
With chop sticks and baskets flying past me, I was astounded at the
speed in which the waiting staff laid the tables. The bustling atmosphere hosted local families, Hong Kong students and even elderly residents having their daily catch up. Lost in translation, we ordered a selection from the endless list of dumplings, rolls, tarts and snacks. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I ate at that meal, but I cleared my plate even quicker than the staff could clear the next table. And certainly better than the congee (otherwise known as seafood porridge) which I was served on the plane.

A must for anyone Hong Kong bound is to visit the Buddha of Ngong Ping, located at Tung Chung on Lantau Island. This involves boarding the incredibly high “Ngong Ping 360,” another pursuit to test your vertigo. And so you soar up into the mountains in what effectively is a cable car – think helicopter camera angles on the Hong Kong scene in The Dark Knight.

Once in the village, there are a few quaint, little shops and tea houses which surround the Buddha itself. And of course, many Buddha related gifts to buy. Though there’s no mistake that this part isn’t at all garishly commercial. Instead I found myself tea tasting in a little house with hundreds of drawers of tea. My only complaint is that the tea came in a cup smaller than the average shot glass.

In terms of other days out, I was advised not to bother visiting the Disney Land there. Wait, Hong Kong has a Disney Land? My point exactly. Though I was told there was a Hello Kitty land and sadly had trouble finding it. Luckily, every other shop had enough Hello Kitty memorabilia to keep me going. There is also a light show across the Hong Kong Island skyline every evening. However, the vibrant beams coming from the buildings were breathtaking in their own right.

Being a bit of a self confessed beach bum, I still cannot believe I had such an incredible time and didn’t even step foot on a grain of sand. Oh and the garlic bread flavour crisps were pretty good too.

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